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We offer the most complete system for ICF production

 The building elements are made of EPS which is expandable rigid foam.

Houses built with ICF elements stand out due to:

  • a fast, economical and easy construction
  • they meet highest demands on thermal insulation 
  • optimal insulation, already integrated in the walls
  • they provide a pleasant interior climate
Machine selection for manufacturing:
Kurtz A-Line:
Shape Moulding Machines of the A-LINE series are designed for a maximum operating pressure of 1.5 bar. They are quoted in 3 sizes (M / L / XL), covering a sector of up to 3.2 sqm of foaming area. Kurtz Shape Moulding Machines of the A-LINE series especially convince by their central docking station. Different steam chambers on fixed and moveable side can be adapted.
Shape Moulding Machines of K-LINE series are designed for a maximum pressure of 1.5 bar. They can be equipped with any common handling option. You will be stoked by the advantages of the K-LINE series! Take advantage of the possibilities you have always wished from a shape moulding machine.
  • Generously dimensioned media supply
  • Independently adjustable and controllable mould halves
  • Large-volume condenser with high efficiency for central and single vacuum
Process optimised valve technology with exact reproducibility
Kurtz N-LINE:
This machine was constructed for the purpose of most cost-efficent EPS shape moulding production. The dimensioning and actuation of the valve technology, the generous design of the vacuum system and the reliable hydraulics are the basis for shortest cycle times.
Kurtz T-LINE:
Shape Moulding Machines of the T-LINE series are the ne plus ultra of shape moulding production. They are used in high-end EPS processing and in EPP processing. Combined with elements of the Kurtz i-PRO Technology, these machines meet highest demands and guarantee best productivity and energy efficiency in the production - in your production facility, too.