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  • Insulation

     Excellent insulating features and the flexible possibilities of shaping are the basis for the usage of EPS as ideal insulating material.

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    Due to its manifold features EPS is used in the most different areas within the building industry. The excellent thermal insulation of EPS is to be specially mentioned.

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    In the packaging industry efficieny and a fit price play the crucial roles. Particle foam made of EPS is the material that satisfies all demands.


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    Particle foams have a wide field of application in transport.

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  • Automobile Leisure & Sport

    A lot of safety relevant parts and components in the vehicle construction are made of particle foams. They protect human life, increase comfort and reduce the

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  • EPS Sandwich Panel Making Line

    It is to produce E.P.S sandwich panel for wall, roof which is used for warehouse, factory, fabricated building. The feature of this panel is able

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  • Foam cups and food service products

    food service containers include drink cups, food trays and clamshell containers. Food service foam containers must be in recyclable condition. Coffee and soda cups

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EP FOAMTEC The only company in Africa that offers a complete polystyrene project.

EP FOAMTEC has been focusing on offering high quality services and products, with professionalism, expertise and customer focused strategies.

EP FOAMTEC Carries out agreements ‘key in hand' or ‘turnkey contract' in that those that offers to the customer the possibility to build and put in operation a determinate work. This type of projects govern by the existence of an only agreement with the customer in which EP FOAMTEC assumes the execution of the work in his whole, from the phase of basic engineering, of detail, management of shopping and subcontracts, purchase of materials and equipment until the supervision of the work and set up.

- Over 10 years of experience

- End to End Solution

- Safety and Good Compliance

- Honest and Dependable

- Profitable Growth

- Improving Always


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